October 02, 2017 1 min read

Trimmer Rack mounting post

Our Trimmer Racks all include a 30" mounting post in the package. Our mounting post provides a way to securely mount your racks to your open trailer regardless of what type of rail your trailer is equipped with. Our mounting post will work with round, square or angle iron railed open trailers. It is designed to be bolted to the deck of the trailer AND to the side rail of the trailer. This provides a super rugged mount for your trimmer racks, since the racks are attached the trailer at two points. Our racks will not wobble or sway as you are driving down the road and their is no need to purchase brackets or other parts to mount your racks to your trailer. Because our racks prevent any swaying or crushing of the rail you will not end up with loose nuts and bolts (which is caused by the racks swaying as you drive down the road).

Mounting the racks to your trailer couldn't be easier. Just a drill and basic hand tools are all that is needed.

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