Trimmer Rack

New for 2020: E-coated under powder coat for maximum rust and corrosion resistance!

Our Trimmer Rack works with ALL make and model trimmers, edgers, and brush cutters.

Our Equipment Defender Trimmer Rack totally prevents any damage to the trimmer in transport, stops theft, stops the trimmer from spinning, prevents fuel spillage, and engine flooding. It features a one lock design which enables you to remove your trimmer from the rack quickly and easily. Our motor support kit (included) will ensure that no damage happens to your trimmers or edgers in transport.

Why choose the Equipment Defender Trimmer Rack? Our rack includes a fully adjustable motor support kit, allowing you to support as far back on the motor as needed. This insures you won't have any issues with bouncing trimmers. Why else should you choose our rack? Our support side has a funnel shaped receiver, this is critical for getting the trimmer in and out of the rack easily as it provides for a guaranteed alignment when inserting your trimmer.

Our patent pending open trailer mounting post system (included) eliminates the problem of flexing angle iron rails and crushed square tubing rails (which causes the rack to become loose). It allows our rack to easily and quickly be mounted and never sway or wobble. Our unique design also allows your racks to be removed in a just a few seconds.

  • Includes Trimmer Shaft Brackets
  • Includes Motor Support Kit
  • Includes All Mounting Hardware (For Open and Enclosed Trailers)
  • Includes Keyed Lock (Optional Combination Lock Available)

**Rack shown with Optional 4 Digit Combination Lock

Trimmer Rack Instructions

Optional Combination Lock
Additional Trimmer Rack Blocks