Backpack Blower Rack V2


New for 2020: E-coated under powder coat for maximum rust and corrosion resistance!

Our new V2 Backpack Blower Rack. We have listened to our customers input and have refined and developed the best backpack blower rack on the market. We wanted to make a lower profile, less expensive, and overall easier/faster to use Blower Rack. We hit all 3 goals. Our V2 Backpack Blower Rack is super low profile, and will mount flush to the wall of your enclosed trailer (the rack takes up less space than the blower). It was designed to take up minimum space on the rail of your open trailer. We have the only blower tube holder on the market that positions the blower tube over the rail, not behind the blower. This keeps your trailer deck free of obstruction (the blower tube holder can be positioned behind the rack if desired). We also made our tube holder larger to accommodate the larger blower tubes on the market. Our locking system features a locking bar that can move 360 degrees in any direction (up, down, left, and right). To release the blower simply unlock the rack and press down on the spring loaded trigger assembly, then pull the bar out of the way and remove your blower (It is not necessary to lock the blower rack between jobs). 

Our Blower Rack features three simple adjustment points to hold your blower tight, it won't be banging around inside a box or the bed of your pickup as you drive down the road. These adjustment points also insure that the rack will work perfectly with every make and model backpack blower currently on the market (Fully compatible with the new Stihl BR800X, BR800C, and Echo PB-8010 backpack blowers). Our V2 Backpack Blower Racks include tamper resistant hardware, insuring that your rack will be the safest on the market.

Our V2 Backpack Blower Rack is built from heavy gauge steel and solid steel bars. Built to last and take the abuse of this industry. Our front securing bar is made from steel with a over molded polyurethane finish so it won't damage the fuel tank on your blower.

All V2 Blower Racks include:

  • All Mounting Hardware (For Open and Enclosed Trailers)
  • Keyed Lock (Optional Combination Lock Available)

Blower Rack Instructions

Optional Combination Lock

*Patents Pending