Backpack Sprayer Rack

Our locking backpack sprayer rack works with all center fill sprayers. Our sprayer rack can be fitted with either a keyed lock or a optional combination lock (Sold Separately). The Equipment Defender Sprayer Rack is the only lockable backpack sprayer rack on the market! Our lock system will prevent anyone from stealing your backpack sprayer. Our Backpack Sprayer Rack will keep any damage from occurring to your sprayer, since your sprayer will no longer be bouncing around in the back of your truck or trailer. Our sprayer rack will also prevent any chemicals from draining out during transport. Our sprayer rack is fully adjustable to fit any center fill sprayer, regardless if you have a wire or solid base sprayer. Our sprayer rack will work with pump sprayers or electric sprayers as long as they are center fill. Properly store your chemicals and backpack sprayers today!

Our patent pending open trailer mounting post system (included) eliminates the problem of flexing angle iron rails and crushed square tubing rails (which causes the rack to become loose). It allows our rack to easily and quickly be mounted and never sway or wobble. Our unique design also allows your racks to be removed in a just a few seconds.

Sprayer Rack Instructions

*Patents Pending